SEM or search engine marketing and SEO or search engine optimization are the two sides of the same coin. While SEM includes SEO to some degree, however, both of them are different methods of bringing users to a website and they both require a user-friendly and well-designed website. Using both SEO and SEM to improve return on investment can create a more successful digital marketing strategy. It is true that they are different in many ways but the ideal online marketing campaign will use both of them.

How SEO and SEM Works

To attract the attention of a search engine for targeted phrases, SEO uses tags and carefully formulated wording. On the other hand SEM includes various techniques and SEO-style promotion. SEM markets a website to the readers with the help of advertising. Both of these strategies are a part of website marketing effort and they complement one another. SEO assists in the creation of targeted advertisements by providing targeted keywords and ready-made market research information for SEM. SEM increases the number of backlinks by buying different promotional content and sponsored posts. These backlinks benefits the SEO by boosting the site in the eyes of the search engines.

Using SEO and SEM to Improve Return on Investment

To create an instant success in the world of digital marketing, integrating SEO and SEM becomes necessary. There are various ways through which one can improve return on investment with the help of SEO and SEM.

  • One of the most crucial benefit of using SEO and SEM together is to consume more visibility in search engine results pages. One can consume some real estate in the SEO and PPC areas of the first search result page. To increase the click-through rate (CTR) it is important to dominate the search engine results that gives you an establish position in the market.
  • One can extend the sample of data to analyze by combining the data of both SEO and SEM. This enables you to work out which keywords are optimizing your overall online strategy and converting better for your industry.
  • One can also test and determine the better keyword search phrases quickly because PPC/ Google Adwords campaign take effect almost immediately. Moreover, testing the conversion and click-through rate of new keywords will save your time as you continue to work on organic search strategy.
  • To improve META data one of the ways to test is through PPC/ Google Adwords. As Google will update a website periodically, using SEO to determine these factors may take longer. This is why it is wise to use PPC to determine the best converting ad copy and titles so that you can apply these to your organic strategy.

In a nut shell, in order to maximize your overall online marketing strategy, it is better to keep SEO and SEM (PPC) running together.